Hazard Analysis

The hazard intensity for which a facility is designed or retrofitted for, strongly affects the safety as well as the economy. The problem is however involved with a sophisticated and uncertain phenomenon of seismicity of the region and ground behavior. The first step in design or retrofit of facilities in an engineering project is to identify the design basis level of hazard in the site. Identifying the sources, the mechanism of generation of hazard (eg. Faulting mechanism), the variation of the amplitude of the generated hazard on the way to the objective site and finally the site effects are the main subjects under study for hazard analysis of a site. BLR, using the new techniques for deriving the outputs from each step provides the hazard analysis report with a high level of accuracy.

Structural Design and Retrofit, Geotechnics

BLR provides the following services in the field of structural design, retrofit and Geotechnics:

  • Structural design of facilities including buildings and infrastructure and providing optimized elements and components considering safety and economy.

  • Employing new technology for seismic protection of structures and new material for a high performance during life of the project.

  • System identification and damage identification as well as repair of structural systems employing innovative techniques.

  • Consulting services for identification of site geotechnical characteristics as well as foundation and soil instability.

Risk Reduction Planning for infrastructure

All public facility, industrial plants and urban and rural infrastructure require a comprehensive plan of management and maintenance during the service life. Risk management of the mentioned facility is a main part of the mentioned plan. BLR is ready to provide professional consultancy for a comprehensive integrated natural risk management plan for the facility including mainly inspection plans, retrofit and repair plans, education of staff and insurance.

Research and Development

R&D is a major part of the activities in BLR. Employing the updated knowledge and development of new device and technology, BLR looks to a safer future for the community.