About Us

Behasazan Larzei Rad (BLR) Co. provides consulting services in the field of Seismic Hazard Analysis, Structural Design, Seismic Retrofit and Risk Reduction. The company has been certified by Planning and Budget Organization of Iran (PBO) in the field of Seismic Retrofitting.

The main services provided by BLR may be categorized as follows:

  • Seismic Hazard Analysis
  • Engineering Services in the Field Of Structural Design, Repair and Retrofit, Geotechnics
  • Planning For Seismic Risk Management in Facilities
  • Research and Development

Relying on the professional staff, BLR is serving the respected clients according to the regulations of International Standard Organization (ISO).

BLR company is certified by the National Standard Organization (ISIRI) and the qualified as professional consulting company in the field of Seismic Retrofitting.